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Quarantine kids & not so kids.

Kids are strong, flexible, creatures able of change, adaptable to survive...but did I realise just how much so before state of alarm set in?

My little ones (and one big one), surprise me on a daily basis with just how goddamn cool they are and with a little creativity, lots of patience, kick ass negotiation skills and a huge amount of love, we have rocked this confinement through pure team work and respect for each others needs.

We still bicker sometimes obviously but we seem to get over it at the speed of light now. We disagree, sure, but we come to a fast compromise. We niggle at one another through the pure tiredness of teething, growth spurts and nightmares, of course, but we rotate adult cat naps to get back on board swiftly.

We have realised how much we used to food shop, always needing the fridge stocked to the brim just in case the dreaded hunger struck and we needed a quick fix, well, our fridge now is quite bare on the daily yet we are eating better than ever by flexing our culinary muscles a little further.

Actually, I'm dedicating this post to big people too, as I have become enlightened that as parents and a practically married couple.... we're smashing it all over town without even leaving the house!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that we are not taking Covid-19 seriously.

From the get-go, we designated one member of the family to food shop, dog walk & rubbish run.

Three out of four of us haven't taken a step outside of our garden gate (thank god for the garden!), for 34 days now and counting.

We are a very laid back family but this doesn't mean we are not responsible. Just saying.

Yes, We are lucky enough to live on the small island of Ibiza, where it seems to have struck a lot less aggressively than other areas.

And having a teeny tiny ratio of infection I understand and am grateful that we can take this quarantine a little more positively with a lot less fear factor than most.

And I feel tremendously for my island friends with family on the mainland who have been infected or affected.

That said, my humble opinion stands at ..... We can't go out!

If we moan about it...We still can't go out.

If we fear, stress or get anxious about it...We still can't go out.

If we fret about the future of our economy.....We still can't go out.

F.y.i , If the economy of a wedding photographer, (moi), bang into wedding season, hasn't taken a monumental annihilation, then no ones has! But without taking it on the chin and mounting the learning curve like a sweaty dog on heat, I just won't get anywhere fast.

So why not use this time to contemplate (however cliché), learn, straighten out tasks we previously had no time for, be still, read, spend quality time with your partner, children, pet, exercise, etc. etc. etc, etc, etc, etc?

Having too much time on our hands has made us realise just how little time we actually have... LET´S ENJOY IT!

I'm sending all the love in the universe to every one of you right now.

Just my little drop in the ocean. Muak x

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