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First 2020 wedding alert!

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

And just like that, we're back in the game!

black and white photo First look at their Ibiza wedding,  side view of bride helping groom into his suit from behind
Coronial couple´s ´First look´ at their 2020 Ibiza wedding.


Even after hundreds of the things, I still find weddings nerve racking, I don't deny that.

I feel though, that this can only be a good thing, as it shows just how much I care and how perfect I want it to be for each of my amazing couples.

Although I´m seasoned enough now to know, that as soon as I peer through the lens of my trusty Canon and click the shutter for the fist time, I'm home.

Adrenaline takes ahold and all I have to do is succumb to the good times whilst riding the waves of everyones ecstatic energy.

But this wedding was very different. Law changes left right and centre, flight cancellations, hotel closures, obligatory mask wearing, no dancing rules, post wedding quarantines and personally racking up 22 wedding postponements from only May, June & July.

If i´m honest... Until the morning of W-Day, I wasn't 100% that we would be going forward.

But, even after all of the uncertainties over the months and a 4 day delay due to flight cancellations, Maria & Mike had never been surer of anything, than they were of their seafront vow renewal going ahead.

And ahead it went.

So here I am, sitting fine and dandy on the other side, I can finally deliver as promised an unbiased update for those of you, who have been on as many up's & down's as we have here on the island, since this blasted pandemic arrived on our doorstep.

From the top....

I was greeted at reception by the friendly & helpful staff at The Seaview holiday village,

No hand sanitiser or fearful glares thrown at me while I strode in maskless (unintentionally, but #sorrynotsorry).

Signed for my pass and guided to The Sunflower rooms (lent mask firmly in place until I reached Maria´s & co´s suite).

I easily flit through the halls from Bride to Groom, grabbing my fave preparation shots of both, with Mike having no qualms in doing the same, popping in & out at his leisure when needing an extra set of hands. (and who else's, than them of his already bride of 20 years?).

The ceremony took place at the hotel's dedicated open air platform, seamlessly hosted by in- house planner & celebrant, Toni Torres Torres.

Cheerful, helpful and an unexpected yet fabulous brummy accent to boot!

We stayed here for after ceremony refreshments and group pics until it was time to catch the mini bus to beach - front venue, 5 mins down the road, aptly named, The Beach.

Walking in to the blissful acoustics of Nell Shakespear´s Ain´t Nobody and the simultaneous popping of numerous bottles of chilled champagne. I knew this was going to be my kind of soirée.

With everyone nicely primed to really start to let their hair down, they heartily obliged to to a few more group photo frolics on the sand.

The service at The Beach was exceptional, super friendly and relaxed.

The only reminder that we are mid epidemic were the, (very handsome) mask wearing waiters and many guests missing from the rsvp list, apart from this, the atmosphere was upbeat and once we were assured that dancing was allowed on the spacious, open air dance floor, the rest was history!

Conclusion: After months of trepidation. Every couple doubting whether they can or even want to marry this year or in some cases, next year.

After the worry of spending thousands of euros and sometimes years of planning on your dream wedding, all to be thrown down the drain on either lost deposits or a stressful wedding, everything turned out perfectly and the vibe throughout the day was nothing less than incredible happiness, relief, disbelief with a hint of euphoric.

That said, you will have to check in with your chosen venue, as some may be stricter than others, not to mention any last minute law changes.

But as a first 2020 wedding, with a hell of a lot going against us at the minute, it was an incredibly positive experience.

Maria & Mike, thank you for choosing me to share your big day with you, whether it was ¨definitely NOT a wedding¨ or not (insert token in joke), Feel free to drop me a line in another 20 years!

Hotel & Ceremony location: The Seaview holiday village

Party venue: The Beach

Singer & d.j: Nell Shakespear

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