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M&H // Luxury Rooftop wedding in Ibiza

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Aguas de Ibiza grand luxe hotel - Santa Eularia - Ibiza - Spain

Ibiza is overflowing with stunning wedding venues of all kinds and to fit all styles. Beach club, Private villa, church, hotel, countryside farmhouse etc.

Front entrance to luxury wedding hotel Aguas de Ibiza. bride and groom kissing on wedding day
12th October 2019, by Stephanie Shenton

But do you even know what style you want for your wedding?

Or did you think you knew, but after googling ¨Ibiza wedding¨, your back on the fence?

How will we ever decide?

Then you're in the right place. I'm going to take you with me to each venue, in the hope of providing you with enough info to nudge you off that wedding venue fence.

Harj and Matt chose Aguas de Ibiza for their wedding venue.

A 5-star luxury hotel, proudly presiding over Santa Eularia´s habour (Paseo Maritimo), a beautiful town and resort on the quiet east coast of Ibiza. yet a short taxi ride into the heart of party central if so desired.

Marrying in a hotel has a huge bonus, and that's holding your ceremony, accommodation and reception, all in-house and under one roof.

No transfers. No transport. No messing about.

The time saved from not travelling to and from an off site venue, seems insignificant, but trust me, your day will fly by oh so quickly, so the more time you can save the merrier.

Add the benefit of a bridal suite upgrade, spanking new party terrace and a music licence until.... Wait for it... 3AM!

And you've got yourself a hefty combo of perks right there.


.Incredibly friendly staff,

.Home of the famous alchemist pisco cocktails.

.Slick, newly refurbed Maymanta bar serving delicious Peruvian cuisine.

.Not one, but two Rooftop pools.

.Revival spa to give you that day-after pick me up, if hair of the dog doesn't cut it.

.Ceremony can be held just as beautifully, inside or out, depending on the weather. (always a good idea to have a plan B)

Time to get nosey then and delve into Harj & Matt´s destination wedding at this impressive venue.

Rolling straight into the boys quarter, cava was cracked open on arrival, (thanks to a savvy groomsman and a wire hanger). I set about getting acquainted with the characters that were inevitably going to be giving me sh*t for the rest of the day,

(and vice versa I should probably add),

All in the name of good fun.

Two bottles of champers, numerous you tube videos on how to tie a dicky bow, cufflinks lost and found and an assortment of ´cold feet, last moments of freedom and ball and chain´ jokes later,

I thought it timely, to enter a more civil ground with the Bride and her gals.

Respectfully quoting Chandler Bing, ´Could I have BEEN more wrong?!

What I actually waltzed into, (besides a divine bridal suite), was a modern day Bollywood movie, starring six gorgeous, vibrant, hilariously mad girls who had me in stitches at ´Hello´.

Now, i´ll admit that I'm rarely verbally matched, let alone trumped, but these feisty, best friends since childhood, did just that.

From photoshoots in the bathtub, boob tape adventures, non stop banter, random Indian cockney imitations and without ever coming up for a breather.

I´ve never known quite a Bride Tribe like it!

I started to wonder if Matt knew what he was letting himself in for!

Now can we take a little moment to talk about this monumental rooftop please?

Aguas de ibiza roof terrace wedding ceremony held in front of swimming pool. ibiza wedding
Ceremony with a view - by Stephanie Shenton

Being one of the Top 5 rooftop terraces in Ibiza, boasting exceptional panoramic views of the port and coastline, within a sleek, bright and trendy decor, there is only one way to walk down that aisle.... and that's in style!

Harj´s brother walked her down the aisle in front of their eclectic gathering of friends and family, She looked magnificent!

Jaw dropping even.

Ringlets enticingly bouncing around her face which held a smile that stretched from ear to ear.

She greeted everyone one by one on the way down, practically stopping for a chin-wag.

Lapping it up and enjoying every minute. This was her moment.

Matt on the other hand, trembled like a leaf, nervous of finally meeting his bride at the altar, not daring to think it really could be going this well.

The Maid of honour read aloud a beautiful speech under the gentle guidance of Danielle from YOUR DAY IBIZA.

They couldn't have wished for a better celebrant to tie their knot, Danielle steered them to laughter, to tears and back to laughter before exchanging their vows, rings, promises and high fives.

Truly a ceremony to remember. Relaxed, fun and perfectly pimped to their personalities.

After canapés, cocktails, kisses, tears and throwing of bouquets , we took a stroll to the beach, a mere 4 minutes walk away, the couple took this moment to reconnect with each other, sharing their excitement, nerves and more importantly, the juicy gossip along the way.

On our return, it was easy to see that the open mojito bar had gone down a treat with their guests!

With everyone nicely primed for dinner and speeches, we moved on to the private discotheque to get down to business. (not before a broken toe, full moon making a show, a romp in the lift and a difficult toilet run).

There was a definite before and after feel in the air.

Hair was about to come down!

Copious amount Spanish Rioja ✓ bestman´s dangerously nostalgic speech ✓ Sister in law's warning speech ✓ Great food and wine ✓ ✓ Stunning midnight views ✓ Hot bride and groom ✓ First dance ✓ Did I mention the food and wine!? ✓ Craziness on the dance floor ✓ Bollywood-hiphop mash up beats

The end is nigh. What a day! What a night!

I leave my hot couple, trusting that they can toddle on down to their room unaccompanied, (way above my pay grade),

And jolly on home to prepare a quick sneak peak of images, to wake up to next morning whilst still on their wedding high.

Conclusion: I want my wedding to be just like this!

Oh... and I have a new love for Bollywood hip hop!!!

For some more wedding photography Inspo, bounce over to my instagram account.

Visit Aguas de Ibiza official BLOG for more information on their wedding packages.

Planner: Lauren from Hidden Treasures Ibiza

Celebrant: Danielle from Your Day Ibiza

Percussionist: Rocky on Percussion

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