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Luxury Villa Wedding in Ibiza.

Updated: Feb 22

Embark with me, on a visual journey through a contemporary love story. Effortlessly timeless. This pairing is made to last, fitting almost as snug as the bride and her Berta gown.

Laetiticia and Sylvain´s wedding day, was a blend of classic 90s nostalgia, (read on for surprise boy band appearance!), and a modern contemporary flair. L&S Dreamt up a day so unique to their personalities, it simply couldn't have been anybody else's! Fun, chic & seasoned with surprises.

As beautiful as the location & decor was though, The star of the show was their vibe.

bride and groom kissing at the alter on the water. black and white wedding photo

Set up high in the hills of Ibiza, amid the tranquil luxury of a secluded villa.

Their choice of a classic and timeless theme perfectly complemented the sprawling landscape, with effortless florals enhancing the natural beauty rather than competing with it.

Yet, surrounded by the breathtaking location and exquisite décor, it was their infectious vibe that stole the spotlight.

The pièce de résistance? A walking water aisle adding a touch of whimsy, An extraordinary 8-tier cake standing tall as a symbol of their love, , and an underground nightclub transforming the evening into a night to remember. And who could forget the surprise performance by 90's boy band, Brother Beyond, adding a nostalgic touch to the festivities?

It was an honour to collaborate with a team of talented suppliers to bring their vision to life. As I reflect on the day, surrounded by their loved ones and three sons, it's clear that laughter and love were the true stars of the show. Even when Laetitia's Berta dress suffered a minor mishap moments before the ceremony, Laetitia reacted with a simple, "c'est la vie".


black and white photo. bride and groom but their 8 tier  floral wedding cake in front of fireworks



Wedding planner & co ordinator. Ibiza wedding planner by Bliss Photographer. Stephanie Shenton Photography Video. Focus in weddings. Hair & mua. Jo Mackay Dress. Berta Band. Brother beyond Cake. Sweet cakes Ibiza

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