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D&G // Ses Savines Ibiza Wedding

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Ibiza - Santa Eulalia des riu

A marriage of Irish-Mancunian-Emirati infusion. This was never going to be a wedding day ordained for the faint!

Travelling all the way from Dubai where they are based, Danny & Grace married at this gorgeous beach front venue, in the cute coastal town of Santa Eulalia situated on the south east side of ibiza.

As a surprise for his soon to be Mrs, Danny booked a room for the bride & co. in the Hotel Catalonia Royal, stunning digs located directly adjacent to the venue.

A great idea for the girls to have a nosey at who is arriving at the venue from their balcony, with the added benefit of saving on transport.

I caught the boys as they arrived, fashionably early, to start getting a few whisky's down to quench the nerves before the ceremony.

Shooting as I went, the lads were on form. I knew this was going to be a laugh a minute with this bunch.... I absolutely wasn't wrong!

Popping over to catch the Bridal squad in the midst of the preparations, they certainly weren't letting the side down, having a few champagnes already on the chill awaiting my arrival.

The aptly named bride-to-be introduced me to her unforgettable gang, feeling instantly at home between these extravert crazies.... I cracked on.

Detail shots .... check .... Accidental dress showing .... check .... Nicholas Cage post cards read ....check .... Tearful love letters from the Groom found .... check .... Lark around the bed with mother of the bride .... check .... Hair, make up, shoes, dress on .... check.

Off I trot back to the venue to greet the guests, Bride hot on my heels.

Groom shaking like a leaf at the altar, Mothers from both sides already crying like only a mother can. Wedding planner looking sharp. Celebrant looking smiley. Guests looking excited.

Let the celebrations commence!

The ceremony is the boring obligatory part of the day right?


I've never seen so many laughs, tears & shamed faces like at this beautifully hilarious ceremony.

Made possible by the one and only Danielle, who had obviously done her homework and found out a few secrets about this pair they really weren't expecting to make an appearance on their wedding day! I know I'm in for a few nuptial corker shots when your day Ibiza are running the show.

Ready for the pro´s & Con´s yet?


. No mean feat trying to find a wedding venue this close to the beach.

. One of the more economical venues on the island.

. Large hotel within a 1 minute walk to more than accommodate your entire wedding party.

. Rustic beauty at its finest, this venue is destination wedding picture perfect.

. They boast an inside and outside area large enough to cover all bases. If it rains (unfortunate but can happen) the dining area can easily be set up inside so you won't be pushed to rent a large (and costly) tent.

. * Long enough, wide enough ramp to the side of the ceremony area entrance to re-enact the mandatory confetti moment.

. Countless exquisite locations for your couple shots all within the vicinity, so as to not steel you away from the party for too long.


. You are not obliged to hire a wedding planner at this venue but it is strongly advised, as the grapevine has it, many a wrinkle will need ironing out throughout the day and your wedding day is no time to leave things to chance.

. The beach isn't exclusive. This hasn't been too much of an issue for most couples marrying here, but its always good to have the heads up. Topless sunbathers and nosey passer-byers are ten a penny.

. Near to no shade for the ceremony area unless booked separately. This can be quite uncomfortable for the guests.

. The low hanging trees, albeit beautiful, restrict the confetti moment after the walk back from the ceremony *

After our stroll through golden hour, beautifully showcased from the beach metres from the outside dining area, come the speeches....

This is always a great moment to capture the whole wedding party sat down, enthralled by what's going down at the bridal table, I aim to grab as many belly laughs and crying faces as I can, along with the fleeting sideways glances between the participants of top table.

Groom embarrassing Bride. Best man embarrassing Groom. Father of the bride embarrassing all!

It´s all I could do to keep the camera shake - free from my own giggling fits.

Bringing the beats hard, Ibiza D.j, Juan Corbi, set up a perfect momentum for this cool couples first dance.

Love this Ibiza's planner, Kerryann had every corner covered, creating a wave of excitement from the guests, at each chorus, (a seemingly small detail that went a long way to creating some incredible footage for the album!), only provoking the Bride & Groom even more in putting on one hell of show!

Lively, animated, energetic, contagiously fun & romantic in their own crazy way. This couple made their wedding day about them.

In their style.

On their terms.

Exactly how it should be.....

What a first dance! What a night!

Wedding Planner: Kerry from Lovethisibiza

Hair & Make up: Nicole for The house of Bellissima

Flowers: Artnature

Location: Ses Savines

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