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Covid-19 in Ibiza update!

For the first time since the state of alarm was enforced, there were no COVID-19 fatalities in the Balearic Islands yesterday!

Great news for all of us islanders and tourists alike. We seem to be combating this virus like bosses, making our strict lockdown worth while.

In a further sign that the lockdown is working, the Ministry of Health also revealed that the number of ‘cured’ patients has overtaken active coronavirus cases in the region.

Furthermore, for the first time in 21 days, Ibiza and Formentera did not register any new cases!

Signifying a slight slackening of our confinement rules, finally allowing children under 14 yrs to go for a daily 60 minute walk in the countryside.

We are super excited about this new update and I am personally planning an epic hide and seek sesh in the woods with the little gremlins and get high on all that fresh air!

This is hopefully good news too for the islands businesses opening up sooner rather than later and blowing some much needed life back into the island ready for Europe to catch up as soon as, and start allowing incoming flights to join the party, getting wedding season back on track.

We have lost May, June & possibly but hopefully not July, Let´s hold our breath for August resembling something close to normality.

As always, If you need any other info or updates regarding wedding season in Ibiza, please don't hesitate to drop me an email.

Stay safe guys and #stayhome xxx

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